Jeffery Lewis

You make the hairs on my head rise” – Oprah Winfrey

Jeffery Lewis is a singer and actor whose vocal soulfulness and prowess has earned national and international acclaim. A native of Americus, Georgia, Lewis gained notoriety as half of the YouTube singing sensation duo The Craig Lewis Band. Jeffery, would later go on to be discovered by the award-winning film director, producer, and actor Tyler Perry. Perry, emphatically stated “I found this kid on YouTube and he is amazing.” The discovery led Jeffery to forge a bond with Perry and appear in five of his nationally successful stage plays including, A Madea’s Big Happy Family and A Madea’s Christmas.

Mr. Perry introduced Jeffery to the world in a big way by bringing him on The Oprah Winfrey Show. To Jeffery's surprise Oprah asked him to sing with his bandmate and the impromptu performance made Oprah exclaim that “these guys are such unbelievable singers”. After traveling many years as an actor and singer Jeffery found himself yet again on another major platform to showcase his gift. America’s Got Talent ushered Jeffery into a new plateau of fandom. Judge Howard Stern commented after watching Jeffery audition “You took a very difficult song and you owned it and that’s what I love about you. You own the stage.” Jeffery would later on become a finalist alongside his bandmate on the number one rated show. 


Jeffery, is continuing to establish himself as a brilliant singer and wonderful actor appearing in many plays and recording a multitude of songs and videos. “I just want to sing and act. It’s all I've ever wanted to do. When I would listen to Whitney Houston I would just zone out and be in awe of how brilliant her voice was" says, Jeffery and eventually the iconic singer returned the compliment by jumping up and beating on the wall and saying “I love your voice” after hearing Lewis sing in a studio. There are many singers. There are many actors. However, it is a rare occasion that you will find someone with the depth an innate talent of Jeffery Lewis. Jeffery, is an exceptional talent and the world has yet to see just how exceptional he is.